What’s Most Important Right Now? (Jody Garner)

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What’s Most Important Right Now?
Sermon Notes

In Mark 12:28-34, Jesus provides a little _____________ for an honest seeking teacher. Jesus gives him a ______________answer instead of a counter-question or a parable.
Which is the most important command? The _____________ (Deut. 6:4-6) and love your ______________ as yourself (Lev. 19:18). He didn’t ask for a ______________ one, but Jesus gave it to him anyways.
“You are ______ ________ from the Kingdom of God.” Jesus helped this man declutter and refocus on the _______________.
3 Areas of focus for Pine Tree:
1. Christ in _____________
Verses Used:
How to do this?
Theme passage for the year:

2. Christ in _____________
Verses Used:
How to do this?
Important Dates:

3. Christ in _____________
Verses Referenced:
How to do this?

Connect Group Guide – 3/24/19
What’s Most Important Right Now?

Passage from Mark
1. From Mark 11:27-12:35 – what are the 4 main questions asked of Jesus in this section, and what is the one main question that Jesus initiated himself?
2. Read Mark 12:28-34 – Why do you think Jesus said these are the most important commands?
3. Would that devalue or make obsolete the other 600 plus commands?
4. Why do you think Jesus offers a second most important command, even though the teacher only asked for the most important one?

5. For Pine Tree – In order to provide a concentrated and clear focus for this year, we are going to pour a lot of energy into: Christ in You, Christ in Others, Christ in Families…
6. Do you think it is helpful to sometimes narrow the focus of what’s most important right now? (answers not limited to church planning. This could be helpful in daily tasks, family priorities, prioritizing your schedule, etc.)

Vision Focus
7. “Christ in You” – what does that statement mean to you? What does it mean to have Christ in you? Is it an ongoing pursuit? Does one ever accomplish this completely?
a. What are ways we can nurture this pursuit? (spiritual disciplines, etc.)
8. Read Gal. 2:20 and 4:19 – Why is Christ being formed in others so important to Paul?
9. Read Eph. 3:14-21 – This is our theme passage as a church this year. What do you like about this passage? What stands out to you? How are you going to memorize it?

10. “Christ in Others” – Who has continued the relationship from “Who’s Your 1?” Do you need to pick a new name to begin a discipling relationship with this year? If not, do you think you should recommit to the same person? If you weren’t here last year, have someone explain in more details what this is in reference to.
11. Read Mark 3:14 – How did Jesus go about discipling his 12? (hint: key word is with)

12. “Christ in Families” – What does this statement mean to you and your family?
13. What area in your family life right now needs the most attention? (marriage, parenting, unity, quality time, etc.)
14. How can our church help with this?

15. Spend time praying together and encouraging each other to focus on these three areas of importance right now at our church!