Faith and Family

Our Faith and Family ministry is devoted to resourcing and developing our marriages and families across the spectrum of life in the body of Christ. Family is complex, raising kids is difficult, and there is no "one size fits all" answer to the obstacles we face. Whether you are a single parent, blended family, traditional family unit, or find yourself in a different aspect of family life, we have a place and resources for you. We are constantly working to add to our arsenal of weapons to fight against the evil and darkness in our world today. We believe that true change in our churches and in our communities, begins at home. we are devoted to making sure our homes are as holy and healthy as they can be.


  • We provide formal training through marriage, family, or parenting workshops.
  • We have church family retreats.
  • We provide classes around family life on a regular basis.
  • We have counseling resources for family matters and partner with a number of counseling services in our area for clinical needs.
  • We have regular inspiration and encouragement toward godly living through our church sponsored podcast Faith and Family offered by our Family Connections Minister and his wife.

Better 2gether Family Ministry

Our Better 2gether Ministry is a part of our Faith and Family Ministry. On the second Saturday of each month we provide opportunities for date nights, service projects, banquets, family time out at the lake, and much more. We value the relationships we build when we are together as husbands and wives, as families, as friends, and as brothers and sisters in Christ. Through our activities, we strive to develop mentoring relationships and opportunities to learn from one another as we strive to build holy communities of faith in our homes.