Global Missions

  • Mision Hacia Arriba Logo

    Honduras - Mission UpReach - Phil and Donna Waldron

    Developing local Christian leaders will transform the culture of Western Honduras for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Mission UpReach trains and equips leaders to build self-led, self-sustaining, and self-replicating congregations. See website for more info.

  • Ghana

    Ghana – Doc Turk

    Doc Turk represents the Pine Tree Church in sending mission groups to Ghana each year. Along with the groups, we support local preachers in Ghana.

  • Cambodia

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Jace and Bekah Allen

    Cambodia suffered a genocide in the mid-70s at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. Today, Cambodia continues to rebuild, but without a spiritual foundation found in Jesus. Our hope is to serve alongside those who aim to rebuild Cambodia through development efforts and through joining Khmer people in discovering the love of God found in the Gospel. We want to equip Khmer people to take the Gospel to places we cannot, and to catch a vision of God’s Kingdom in Phnom Penh that will transform the city.

Local Missions

  • Camp Dear Run

    Camp Deer Run - Ty and Janelle Ford

    Camp Deer Run is a Christian summer camp in East Texas that exists to provide a camping experience where God is seen, His love is felt, and lives are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

  • Caring and Sharing

    Caring & Sharing

    Caring and Sharing is a non-profit-corporation, supported by the Pine Tree Church of Christ and the Alpine Church of Christ. Other financial contributors are the Hallsville Church of Christ, Cotton St. Church of Christ, and individuals who have a love for the less fortunate. It is because of the generosity of both corporate and individual donors that items are available.

    It is the mission of the Caring and Sharing ministry to meet the needs of people regardless of their ethnic background or religious belief. Our commitment is to help people who are experiencing difficult times while upholding their dignity. We intend to be a Good Samaritan in the community and strive to give God the glory in all we do!

    Times of operation: Monday and Tuesdays – 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

    Phone number: 903-234-9521

  • Hiway80

    Hiway 80 Rescue Mission

    “Hiway 80” is a homeless shelter and recovery program in Longview, with both a men’s program and a women’s program and shelter. As a church, we partner with this mission through chapel services, a monthly meal and yearly Christmas party for the women and children, as well as many other opportunities that present themselves.

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    Hannah House

    Hannah House Ministries was founded in 1999 by Glennis and Gary Woodall. Today, Melanie and Alan Wright oversee Hannah House. Hannah House Ministries has now expanded on the 60 acres by adding the Gathering Place. The Gathering Place, finished in 2021, can now house up to four women who are needing a home during their pregnancies. Hannah House welcomes each woman where they are on their journey. Hannah House is located on 60 acres of beautiful and peaceful countryside. This provides our girls with the opportunity to listen and hear God, clear of distractions, so they are able to make the best decisions for their child and themselves. For more information on Hannah House, visit our website.


    The Hannah House has a new partner in the HEPTA Coalition. Human trafficking is a rapidly growing epidemic in our culture . Through education, training and awareness we are striving not only to become more aware of the dangers we face each day, but to become an instrumental part of the solution to this epidemic beginning in our homes, communities and schools. We meet on the last Wednesday of each month to hear from the community leaders and non-profit organizations about the progress we are making and new fronts we need to secure. We hope you will join us