We Will Have an Outward Focus on Our Local Community (Jody Garner)

Posted: 7 Commitments, Sermons

Today we take a look at commitment # 6: We Will Have an Outward Focus on Our Local Community.

Matthew 25:31-46

7 Commitments (abbreviated)

We will cultivate a Deeper Love for God
We will be a Loving Intergenerational Family
We will Pursue Unity Focused on Jesus
We will Nurture Marriage and Young Families
We will Make Disciples who Make Disciples
We will Have an Outward Focus on Our Local Community
We will be Mission Minded for the Lost of the World

Original Commitments

Faithful Followers of Jesus

By God’s guidance we will live out the following 7 commitments:

1) We will cultivate a deeper love for God that motivates and compels us to action, living each day in His service.

We will experience a deeper connection with God resulting from time in His Word, prayer, fasting, meditation and service towards others.

We will continually nurture hearts of praise full of humble appreciation and gratitude for all God has done.

We will become people who bear good fruit naturally because we are rooted so deeply in God.

2) We will be a loving family, full of hope, joy and excitement for Jesus and each other.

We will meet together to share in vibrant sincere worship as we celebrate God and praise Him for all He is doing.

We will intentionally encourage and help our members develop meaningful relationships across all generations.

We will nurture a community of encouragement, support and growth within the body.

3) We, being a diverse group, will pursue unity as we focus on Jesus.

We will provide unified Godly leadership that communicates clear vision, demonstrates grace and exemplifies boldness in following Jesus.

We will develop a culture of grace, forgiving as we’ve been forgiven, keeping no record of wrongs, and bearing with one another in love.
4) We will be committed to nurturing the faith of young families, youth and children, while supporting the Christian family and marriage.

We will equip, protect and encourage enduring Christ-centered marriages.

We will support and strengthen loving Christian families.

We will develop the faith of children and teens in partnership with their family.

We will create a cohesive plan to nurture the faith of children and teens with the specific goal of them being a lifelong follower of Jesus.

5) We will train and develop disciples who passionately follow Jesus and are equipped to teach others to do the same.

We will intentionally develop a pattern of mentoring within the body to equip, teach and train passionate disciples.

We will identify and develop leaders who are ready to serve, teach and train up others in the church.

We will provide opportunities for members to grow and gain experience “doing the Word” by putting their knowledge into action.

We will be intentional in our efforts to train and equip disciples through the teaching of God’s Word.

6) We will have an outward focus, sharing the love of Jesus with our local community and being a refuge of hope, encouragement and love.

We will be more Christ-like in our awareness and compassion for the broken hurting world around us.

We will have a greater presence in our local community as we seek to bring hope to the hopeless and love to all.

We will provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere to all those who choose to join us for worship, fellowship or events of any kind.

We will continue to partner with other local organizations that can help support and carry out the vision.

7) We will proclaim the gospel to the lost of this world.

We will encourage, motivate and lead our members to take a personal role in sharing the gospel to the lost starting in Longview and around the world.

We will create and promote opportunities for our members to be involved in missions.

We will increase our support and deepen our partnership with mission efforts locally, regionally and internationally.

We will give generously of our time and resources to reach those who don’t know Jesus.