Wake-Up! (Jody Garner)

Posted: Gospel of Mark, Sermons

Sermon Notes

Theme passage for the year: Eph. ___:____-_____ -(Grab a magnet at the welcome desk)
Mark 13:32-36 – the warning is: ___________ ____________!
The Irony = in Mark 14:37-42, the disciples cannot _________ ____________!
Mark 13:1 – The Temple was the center of Jewish life: ________________; _______________; ______________. It was also one of the most ________________ buildings in the world.
Mark 13:2 – Jesus clearly predicts it’s _______________ (which literally happened in A.D. 70).
Mark 13:4 – Two questions: ______________? _______________?
Most of the rest of this chapter is about the _________________ of the ________________. However, Jesus seems to blend that with a __________________ of the end of the world and His _______________ _______________.
Important Old Testament Quotes and References:
Important New Testament Follow-Up Passages:

Don’t sleep on ____________________
Don’t sleep to the ______________ of _________________ all around you right now
Don’t sleep on _________________

Connect Group Discussion Guide – 4/7/19

Mark 13 – End of the World or Destruction of the Temple?
1. Read Mark Ch. 13
2. How do you read this chapter? What do you find interesting or confusing?
3. What sparks the conversation at the beginning of the chapter?
4. At what point, in this chapter, is Jesus talking about the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70, and at what point is he talking about his Second Coming?

5. Read 1 Thess. 4:13-5:11
6. How do you picture the Second Coming of Christ?
7. Does it scare you in anyway? What emotions do you think you will feel when that day comes?

Keep Awake
8. At the end of Mark 13, He gives the warning to “keep awake” and not be found sleeping. What do you think he means by that?
9. In Mark 14:32-42, the disciples are found sleeping three times. Do you see the irony in that?
10. In what ways might we be “asleep” spiritually?
11. What would it mean to wake-up to the reality of God in your life?
12. How can we “keep awake” and “watch” for that “day or hour” to come?

Rest of Mark
13. This is our last discussion guide for the Gospel of Mark – What has been your favorite part of studying Mark? What have you learned about Jesus? What have you learned about your own life as you’ve studied Jesus?

14. Spend time praying with your group