Resolve (Jody Garner)

Posted: Daniel, Sermons

1/6/18 Connect Group Handout: Resolve
Book of Daniel – Ch. 1

1. How was your Christmas break? What did you do? Etc. Etc.

Daniel 1
2. What stories do you know/remember from the entire Book of Daniel?
3. Read Daniel 1:3-5 – What type of men were they looking for? How do we value the same things as the Babylonians in our culture today?
4. What were Daniel and his friends trained to do?
5. Daniel 1:6-7 – Why were their names changed?
6. Daniel 1:8 – Why do you think Daniel “resolved” not to defile himself this way? What does it mean to “resolve” not to do something?
7. Daniel 1:8-17 – What was their plan and how did this plan work out for them?

Digging Deeper/Application
8. Read Romans 12:2 – point out the “do not conform” part.
9. How do we know when we should draw the line? How much should we let the culture influence us and when do we push back against the culture? What are some things we should “resolve” not to give into?
10. In what ways does living out the Christian faith look counter cultural?
11. Daniel and his friends were gracious about their convictions. How can we be loving with our convictions, even when our beliefs are contrary to the surrounding culture?
12. Read 1 Peter 2:11-12 – how does this apply and connect with the present conversation about Daniel Ch. 1 – looking different from the culture but not being overly contentious about what we believe?

We want to continue offering monthly church-wide challenges to cultivate a deeper love for God that compels us to action…

“Whatchagonnaquit” – Pick something that you can “quit” or stop doing for 10 days (example in Daniel 1:12). This can be anything that is an unhealthy habit or behavior: examples: a drug, caffeine, TV, Social Media, etc. Journal your experience while doing this.

13. What is something you might consider quitting for this 10-day challenge?
14. The challenge will officially start on January 13
15. Pray with your group to close out