Power of Faith – Mark 6:1-6 (Jody Garner)

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Gospel of Mark: The Power of Faith
Sermon Notes
Ch. 6
V. 1 – “Came to his ___________________” is a loaded statement.
V. 3 – “Son of Mary” was an ________________ in that day…
V. 5 – The people of Nazareth wee like the seed that fell on the ______________; they never take __________________.
V. 6. “Amazed at their ______________________.”

3 Layers of Unbelief Here
1. _____________________

2. _____________________

3. _____________________

Our Aim is to have a __________________ faith…

11/18/18 Connect Group Guide

Starter Questions

Hometown discussion:
Where do you consider your hometown?

What’s it like to go to your hometown? Do you still know people there?

Faith discussion:
How would you describe faith? More specifically, someone who has a strong faith?

Where are places (churches, mission organizations, families, other religions, etc.) that you’ve seen a high level of faith? What does that look like?

What about places that have had a low level of faith?

How have people either inspired your faith or discouraged your faith?


Read Mark 6:1-6 (and Luke 4:14-20/Matt. 13:53-58 for the equivalent in the Synoptics)

Why do you think the people of Nazareth were offended by Jesus?

If you were from Nazareth, do you think you might’ve struggled to believe in Jesus?

Why was Jesus’ power limited there? How would their lack of faith prevent His power?

Multi-Layers of Unbelief in Nazareth

Familiarity – how did this play a role in their unbelief? How can this hurt our relationships as well? (ex: taking for granted the people closest to you, etc.)

Rejection – in what ways do we experience rejection? how does rejection make you feel? How did it make Jesus feel?

Deterrent – their lack of faith prevented/limited Jesus’ ministry in Nazareth. How can that still happen today?

Who has inspired your faith? How did they inspire it?

Whose faith are you inspiring and how?

Pray together