One Voice above all the Noise – John 10 (Jody Garner)

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One Voice above all the Noise
Sermon Notes –
John 10

V. 1 – Jesus is talking about the difference between the ______________ Shepherd and the _______________ shepherd’s (example: Ezekiel 34).

V. 3-5 – How do we ___________________ the ________________ of Jesus?

V. 7-10 – “I am the ____________________”

V. 11-14 – “I am the ______________________ ______________________”

V. 16 – “other sheep” = the _______________________

“They too will listen to my _______________. So there will be _____________ flock, __________________ shepherd.”

How do we learn to ____________________ to our shepherd together?

One Voice
There is a lot of noise competing for our ____________________. Perhaps the noisiest place

for some of us is _____________________________________________…

Discipline yourself to ask:


Connect Group Handout – 1/19/20
John 10 – One Voice above all the Noise

Weekly Readings Discussion and Sharing Time
1. As mentioned last week, allow time for anyone in the group who wants to share any insights, thoughts, observations, or questions they have form the previous weeks readings. The readings from this past week:
a. Jan. 12 – John 12 – Sunday
b. Jan. 13 – John 13 – Monday
c. Jan. 14 – John 14 – Tuesday
d. Jan. 15 – John 15 – Wednesday
e. Jan. 16 – John 16 – Thursday
f. Jan. 17 – John 17 – Friday
g. Jan. 18 – John 18 – Saturday
2. Go around the room, and for anyone who feels comfortable, look back over what you read and let this be a time of sharing and reflection (take as much time as you need with this. As a leader, you aren’t required to have all the answers, just let the group hear how God is speaking to the group members during the weekly readings. Let the discussion go where it needs to go here).

“Listening” Discussion
3. How many of you are auditory learners? How many of you are visual learners? How does this influence the way you learn and listen?
4. Do you have trouble listening to others when they talk? If so, why? (be nice).
5. How do we sometimes practice “selective hearing”? When do we do this?
6. How are you training yourself to be a better listener (to others and to God)?
7. What all do we deal with on a regular basis that is competing for our attention?
8. What are your thoughts on the following statement: “perhaps the noisiest place is what is going on in-between our ears?” In what ways is that true?

Today’s Theme Passage
9. Read John 10:1-18 – Take a few minutes with this text: what stands out to you? What is Jesus trying to say? What is confusing?
10. What do you think Jesus means by “my sheep recognize my voice?” How do we recognize the voice of Jesus? What does that mean?
11. What is the best way to hear from Jesus?
12. Have you ever been in a position in life where you just needed to listen to one person’s voice and tune out everything else? If so, when, where, and why?

Discipline and Prayer
13. A Discipline to practice this week = When you are tempted with sin, when you are tempted to get revenge on someone, when you are tempted to gossip, when you are experiencing a low view of self-worth, etc. – ask yourself: “Is this the voice of Jesus? Or is this the enemies voice?” Practice disciplining your inner voices that are constantly at war within your mind with these two questions.
14. Spend time praying together as a group