One Person in Four Portraits – Part 2 (Jody Garner)

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One Person in Four Portraits (Part 2)
Sermon Notes

If the pursuit is as important as Jesus says it is, we have to be willing to put in the ________________ to hear from God!

Gospels – Zoom Out Notes:

All four gospels are ______________________ _______________________

Gospels – Zoom in Notes:





-Each Gospel presents Jesus in a ___________________ way. They are ______________________ on each other to give us a complete picture of Jesus.

-You can’t put a _________________ on how _________________this pursuit is. It is worth ____________________!

1/12/20 CGH

How was the holidays? What did you do?
Theme verse for the first half of this year: read John 17:20-23 (more on this in the weeks to come)

Gospel Readings Discussion
Remind everyone of the Gospel reading plan – share copies if someone doesn’t have the reading list
How is that going for everyone? Have you been able to stay on track? Are you behind? Etc.
Sharing time: each week, I would love to leave a little time for anyone who wants to share something that stood out to them during their weekly reading. If you are following along with reading one chapter a day, is there any thoughts you have, questions, observations, new insight from your readings this week?
Share how you are making this a daily habit (i.e. set a reminder on your phone, what time of day are you reading, etc.).
Have you ever read the Bible and then realized you didn’t concentrate on what you just read? How do you prepare yourself to focus on what you’re reading and eliminate distractions?

Pursuing the Kingdom

Read passage from the morning: Matthew 13:44-46
What do you think Jesus means in these parables? How do you read it?
Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the ten-thousand hour rule. In what ways do you think there is some legitimacy to this? Can you think of any examples?
How do you think this applies to pursuing Christ?
End in prayer