One People, One Purpose, One Protector – John 17:1-19 (Jody Garner)

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One People, One Purpose, One Protector
Sermon Notes

John 17 Notes:

4 Themes from middle section of this prayer:

1. That they may be ______________________

2. In the ___________________, not of the ______________________

3. _________________________ them from ________________________________

4. _____________________ and ______________________

Connect Group Guide – 1/26/20
One People, One Purpose, One Protector – John 17:1-19

Weekly Readings Discussion and Sharing Time
1. Same as last week, allow time for anyone in the group who wants to share any insights, thoughts, observations, or questions they have form the previous weeks readings. The readings from this past week:
a. Jan. 19 – John 19 – Sunday
b. Jan. 20 – John 20 – Monday
c. Jan. 21 – John 21 – Tuesday
d. Jan. 22 – Catch-Up – Wednesday
e. Jan. 23 – Mark 1 – Thursday
f. Jan. 24 – Mark 2 – Friday
g. Jan. 25 – Mark 3 – Saturday
2. Go around the room, and for anyone who feels comfortable, look back over what you read and let this be a time of sharing and reflection (take as much time as you need with this. As a leader, you aren’t required to have all the answers, just let the group hear how God is speaking to the group members during the weekly readings. Let the discussion go where it needs to go here).

Prayer Reflection
3. Does anyone have the feature on your phone that transcribes a new voicemail for you? Is it accurate? Is it helpful?
4. Using your imagination: If there were some possible way to transcribe your prayers from the last few years, would you want to read back over them?
a. Would you be embarrassed or feel self-conscience? What would it reveal about you? I wonder if our prayers would sound at all like Jesus’ prayer in John 17? John transcribes Jesus’ Prayer for the world to read…

Discussing the Text
5. Read John 17:1-19 – What stands out to you from this prayer? What did Jesus pray for and why?
6. Have you ever sat through someone’s lengthy prayer and felt like there was a mini-sermon mixed into the prayer? Does it seem like there is an element of that in John 17?
7. V. 11 – Why do you think Jesus prays for the unity of the disciples? Was there any hint of disunity with them?
8. V. 14-16 – What is the significance of the disciples remaining “in the world” even though they “don’t belong to the world”? What is the purpose of sending them into a world that they do not belong to? How does that still apply today?
9. V. 11, 12, 15 – Why was this the focus of their protection? What would the evil one try and do to them?

Applying the Prayer
10. In what ways can we adapt/incorporate this prayer into our own lives? End in prayer together and consider incorporating some of these themes into the prayer for your group