Obedience > Observation (Jody Garner)

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Series: Core Discipleship
Series Category: Core Teachings

Sermon on the Mountain introduction. Matthew Ch. 5, 6, 7

Small Group Discussion Guide (1/7/24)
Series: Core Teachings
Sermon: Obeying > Observing

Lasting Sermons
What are some of the best sermons (or speeches) you have ever heard and why? Can you remember who was speaking, where you were, and what was it about that experience that was so moving to you?

What makes a sermon a “great sermon?”

The Sermon on the Mount is undoubtedly the most influential sermon ever preached, but why? Does it have the typical elements of a great speech? Or is it because of its lasting impact and its ability to cut to the core of any individual who takes this seriously?

Core Teachings
Brainstorm as a group and name some of the “core teachings” of Jesus (not limited to just what’s in the Sermon on the Mount) …

Responding to the Sermon on the Mount (SOTM)
If you are familiar with the Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6:20-49), how does the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. Ch. 5-7) differ? How is it similar? Examples:
• Matt. 5:2-12/Luke 6:20-23
• Matt. 5:38-48/Luke 6:27-36
• Matt. 7:1-5/Luke 6:37-38, 41-42
• Matt. 7:15-27/Luke 6:43-49

Do you think it’s possible to live out these teachings of Jesus? Or do you think that Jesus has set such a high standard that we can never attain to show us our need for grace?

Read Matt. 7:24-27 – based on how Jesus ends the sermon, what does he expect his followers to do with his teachings?

How would practicing Jesus’ teachings prevent collapse during storms? How would hearing, but not “doing” Jesus’ words, cause one to crash when storms come?

In what ways are the teachings in the Sermon on the Mount unnatural for us?

Is it possible to internalize Jesus’ teachings so deeply that it starts to come natural to us, second nature? What would that look like?

I Will…
Most of the SOTM is less about understanding and more about doing. From this brief overview, is there any specific action you need to take in the next week to obey Jesus? I will _______…