Longevity (Jody Garner)

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Sermon Notes
Daniel Ch. 6

Daniel has been in Babylon for many ________________ at this point, probably now an __________ ________.
How do you have __________ for the long-haul?
V. 10 – Although illegal for _______ days, Daniel continued to pray as he had _____________ done.
His new challenge: whatchagonna______________.
V. 13 – “pays no _____________ to you” – the same accusation against Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in 3:12.
V. 16 – “May your God, whom you serve _____________…”
V. 5, 17, 22 – Parallels to Jesus: He is ___________ accused, was sealed in by a ___________, and is ministered to by an ________________.
V. 20 – “Whom you serve ________________.”
How do you have a _______________ faith? Knowing when to __________ something that defiles (1:8) and knowing what are healthy spiritual practices to ________________.

1/27/19 C.G.H.

The 10-day challenge, “whatchagonnaquit”, has officially ended (unless you want to keep going).

How was this challenge for you? What did you quit and why? (If you feel comfortable sharing).

Was it actually challenging? If yes, how so?

How was God working on you during this time of quitting something?

Is this something you need to quit permanently?

What is your favorite story from the book of Daniel and why?

This morning, the story focused on Daniel 6 – read it or paraphrase it.

About how old was Daniel at this point? About how long had he been in Babylon?

What stands out to you from this chapter?

Why did Daniel pray 3 times a day, facing toward Jerusalem? (See also Psalm 55:17; 2 Chron. 6:36-39).

Why did he continue to pray, even though he was told the king made an edict not to?

More discussion
How would you describe the word longevity?

Who have you known that has been faithful to God for a very long time? What do you admire about their character? What are some of the spiritual practices they keep in their regular routine of life?

What are some healthy spiritual habits that might help us have a sustained, life-long faith?

Who is someone you want to pray for that is struggling with their faith (maybe just share a first name or their initials)?

Pray as a group, including the names that were mentioned in answer to the last question.