Living with a Generous Disposition (Jody Garner)

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Living with a Generous Disposition
Sermon Notes

Luke 6:37-45
This is the ____________________ and ____________________ principle.
“Do not ____________, and you will not be _______________” – The tension?

“Do not ________________, and you will not be _____________________” – Don’t try to play the role of _____________________.

“_______________, and you will be __________________”

“___________________, and you will be _____________________”

What’s going on __________________ of you is what comes ______________ of you

2-23-20 Connect Group Discussion Guide
Love Your Enemies & Living with a Generous Disposition

Weekly Readings Discussion and Sharing Time
1. Allow time for anyone in the group who wants to share any insights, thoughts, observations, or questions they have from the previous week’s readings (last two weeks):
a. Feb. 9 – Feb. 23 – Luke Ch. 1 – 14

The Text Discussion

2. Sermon Series the last three weeks: The Sermon on the Plain – Luke 6:20-49.

Love Your Enemies
3. Read Luke 6:27-36 – what is most challenging for you out of this section of the sermon? Why?
4. Who are our enemies? More specifically, who are your enemies? (you may not share individual names, but try to describe what an enemy is to you in your life)
5. Why do you think Jesus expects us to love our enemies? How do we go about loving them? How does this go against our natural instincts?
6. Do you think this works?
7. Do you trust Jesus enough to internalize this teaching and put it into practice?
8. If you have time: compare to Matthew 5:38-48

Living with a Generous Disposition
9. Read Luke 6:37-45
10. What stands out to you from this section?
11. How does V. 37, 38 go against our natural instincts?
12. Why does Jesus teach us not to judge? How does the “plank” and the “speck” example expound on this?
13. Do you feel that you are often tempted to judge others? In what ways? Why is this such a strong temptation?
14. Why do you think Christians have a reputation for being judgmental? Do you think that is fair or unfair?
15. How do people sometimes misuse the “do not judge” language?

16. From the entire “Sermon on the Plain”, what is one thing you think you should put into practice this week? Is there one thing you could start doing or start doing that would help you live more obediently to what Jesus teaches here?
17. Pray as a group