Idols (Jody Garner)

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Sermon Notes

Daniel Ch. 3
Our idols are _______________ in ____________ sight. Some of them are not _______________ but ________________. However, inside the temple of pleasure, the gifts are often turned into __________. Our modern-day idols lead to _________________ and ______________. -Kyle Idleman
3:13-15 – The king gives them one more ____________ to bow to the ______________.
3:16-18 – They will not ________________ their faith.
3:24-25 – God was indeed able to ______________ them.
“You cannot __________ the _________.” -Michael Jordan
“Idolatry is the _______ beneath the _________. If your soul is _____________ to something that becomes ________ important than God, that is your __________.” -Timothy Keller
Whatchagonnaquit – I will quit _____________ for 10 days.

C.G.H. 1/13/18

1. The lesson this morning was on Daniel 3, what stood out to you from this story? What caught your attention or what questions do you have?

2. What is an idol?

3. What were “idols” in the ancient world?

4. Read Isaiah 44:9-20

5. What are some modern-day idols and how are they “hidden in plain sight”?
(Examples: money, technology, sex, pornography, anything that becomes an addiction, etc.)

6. It was said in the sermon that we aren’t so different from people of the ancient world, it’s just that our cheap god substitutes are hidden in plain sight. Do you agree with that? Why or why not?

7. Is God against pleasure? Is He against food, sex and entertainment?

8. If He’s not against these things, then how does something move from a gift that God has given us into the realm of a “temple of pleasure”?

9. How do we abuse these gifts? What are some specific examples?

10. How can our abuse of these things hurt ourselves and others around us?

10. Challenge: whatchagonnaquit – starting 1/13 through 1/22 – Pick something that has become a bad-habit, sinful behavior, etc. and quit it for 10 days!

11. Does anyone feel comfortable sharing what they are going to quit?

12. Who is someone that you can share this with that will keep you accountable during this challenge?

13. Spend some time in prayer