Emmanuel: The God Who Sees and Hears (Jody Garner)

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Emmanuel: The God Who Sees and Hears
Sermon Notes
Matt. 1:23 – Emmanuel/Immanuel means: “God ___________ us.”
Gen. 16:11 – Ishmael means: “God _____________.”
Gen. 16:13 – El Roi means: “God who ______________.”
Gen. 21:17 – “God has _____________” is a word play on the name ________________.
Gen. 21:19 – “God opened her _____________” so that she could ________________.
God ___________ us: He ___________, ______________ and _______________.
Do you believe this?

12/2/18 – Connect Group Handout

Reminder and Challenge
1. It might be helpful to remind the group of our challenges from the last few months: quiet time, scripture memorization, writing out and sharing your story. If any of these challenges resonated with your group, maybe this is a good time to remind them and to encourage them to keep these disciplines going in their regular routines.

2. Prayer Initiative – our elders challenged the church this morning to spend the month of December praying for our church, specifically with our 7 commitments in mind. Pray about where God will lead our church in 2019 (and beyond) to live into our vision. Spend time with your group praying about this and reading over our 7 commitments (on second page/back).

Advent Series for December
3. What does advent mean?

4. This is the time of year that most churches (and the culture) will put some extra thought into the incarnation/birth stories of Jesus. Is this something you value at this time of year?

5. Read Matt. 1:18-25 – the key verse we are focusing on this month will be 1:23.

6. What do you think “God with us” means from the name Emmanuel/Immanuel?

God with Us – Hagar
7. Read Gen. 16 and Gen. 21:8-21

8. What are your thoughts on this story? Anything confusing, unusual, compelling?

9. How was God with Hagar?

10. What name does Hagar give to God in Ch. 17?

11. Why do you think God is concerned about Hagar and her son? What does this communicate about God’s character for those who are normally overlooked, forgotten or mistreated in our society today?

11. Do you have trouble believing that God sees and hears you? Elaborate on that…

Extra Reading: Gal. 4:21-5:1 – How does Paul use this story from Genesis as an allegory for the Law Vs. Freedom in Christ? Why does Paul use this as an example?

Faithful Followers of Jesus
By God’s guidance we will live out the following 7 commitments:

1) We will cultivate a deeper love for God that motivates and compels us to action, living each day in His service.

2) We will be a loving family, full of hope, joy and excitement
for Jesus and each other.

3) We, being a diverse group, will pursue unity as we focus on Jesus.

4) We will be committed to nurturing the faith of young families, youth and children, while supporting the Christian family and marriage.

5) We will train and develop disciples who passionately follow Jesus and are equipped to teach others to do the same.

6) We will have an outward focus, sharing the love of Jesus with our local community and being a refuge of hope, encouragement and love.

7) We will proclaim the gospel to the lost of this world.