Amputation or Hell? (Jody Garner)

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Amputation or Hell?
Sermon Notes

Opening Notes:

Gospel of Mark – 9:33-50 – Hell is mentioned ________ times in all of Mark.
Notes from the Text:

There are no records of early Christians _______________ themselves. Jesus wants us to deal ________________ with sin.
The Greek word for Hell is _______________. The Hebrew word is ______________ of ________________.
Other words for and references to Hell:

Takeaways from Today’s Text:


2-10-19 Connect Group Handout

Let’s talk about Hell

What picture/image comes to mind when you think of Hell?

What do you know about Hell? What were you taught growing up?

How is Hell viewed in pop culture?

Why do you think Hell, more specifically the idea that God would send someone to Hell, is a sensitive topic of discussion in our culture today?

How many times do you think I can type the word Hell in this discussion guide?

N.T. Texts to consider:

• You fool – Matt. 5:22
• Fear him who can throw both body and soul into Gehenna – Matt. 10:28; Luke 12:15
• Converts are twice as much a son of hell (Matt. 23:33)
• Tongues that Gehenna had set on fire (James 3:6)
• Parable of Rich Man and Lazarus – Hades – Luke 16
• Separation of Sheep and Goats – Matt. 25

Main Text: Mark 9:33-50

In Mark, this is the only time Hell is mentioned. Why do you think He doesn’t mention it more?

Why is it better to have a millstone cause you to drown than to cause someone to stumble?

What does it mean to cause someone to stumble? How does that happen?

What does Jesus mean by cutting off your hand/foot or gouging out your eye? Is this to be taken literally?

How does this teaching apply in our lives? How do we “cut off” sin or “gouge it out” from our lives? What does that look like?

Pray together as a group.

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