Acts: Unexpected Interactions in Unusual Places (Jody Garner)

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Sermon Notes

Acts Ch. 8
Philip in Samaria:
The Gospel had now moved from “Jewish territory” into Samaria … Remember Acts 1:__?
“Simon the Magician” is an ________________ person in an ______________ place…
The result of Philip’s preaching: ________________ ________________ in a ________________ place.

Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch:
Philip seizes the ____________________ that God provides!

Acts 8 points to the _____________________ of the Gospel.

Applying to Your Own Life
1. Are you…

2. Are you…

Connect Group Discussion Guide – 11-10-19
Acts 8 – Unexpected Interactions in Unexpected Places

1. Have you ever run into someone in an unexpected place? If so, please tell the story… (reminder: I shared a story of running into a kid I knew from east Texas while I was in NYC on a small elevator at the Empire State Building)
2. Have you ever run into someone unexpectantly and tried to avoid them? If so, why? (ex: didn’t have your make up on, didn’t want to talk to them, etc.)
3. Have you ever run into someone unexpectantly and it led to being re-connected with them or provided a ministry opportunity?

Philip’s Stories from Acts 8
4. Read Acts 8:9-13 (or remind everyone of the story) – Why was Samaria an unexpected place for Philip to minister in?
5. Read Acts 8:14-25 – Why do you think they didn’t receive the Holy Spirit when they were baptized? Why do Peter and John have to come lay their hands on them to receive the Spirit?
6. Why was Simon in the wrong and why was Peter so harsh with him?
7. Read Acts 8:26-40 (or paraphrase the story)– Why would this, from a human perspective, seem to be an unexpected interaction in an unusual place?
8. What do you like about this story? What stands out to you? What questions do you have?

Taking it Home
9. Do you feel like God provides regular opportunities for you to share your faith, or at least sow a gospel seed in someone’s life? If so, how?
10. Do you feel that you are paying attention and prepared when these opportunities come along?
11. Flip it around: How do you think God has tried to get your attention before by using an interaction with someone? (have you felt convicted from a conversation or a statement that someone makes that sticks with you?)
12. Read 1 Cor. 9:19-23 –Paul’s approach was to be “all things to all people.” What do you think that means? How have you experienced this in your own life? What opportunities are there for you to make connections with people you might come into contact with throughout your week?

Prayer Time
13. Spend time praying together