Acts: Now to Him who is able…

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Sermon Notes
Acts Ch. 9


Thinking of: Christ in ______________ or Christ in ________________
V. 4-6 – To persecute _______________ people is to persecute ________________
Paul finds out in an instant that he’s been _______________ all along, he’s whole life view has been ___________________
V. 8 – the would-be-___________________ goes into the city ___________________
V. 18, 19 – Why is Paul blinded? God changed how he ________________ the world…
3 reactions that emphasize the _______________________ happened: V. 13, 14 – Ananias; V. 21 – people in synagogue in Damascus; V. 26 – the disciples in Jerusalem

Thinking of:
1. ___________________ we want to change

2. ___________________ change

CGH – 11/17/19
Acts 9 – Now to Him who is able to do… (Eph. 3:20)

Main Text Discussion
1. Read or review Acts 9:1-39
2. Why do you think God chose Saul/Paul out of all the people He could’ve selected? (Acts 9:15, 16)
3. Was it because he was so passionate and just needed to be steered in the right direction? Was it to display God’s amazing grace? Both maybe? What else?
4. Place yourself in the story: would you have had trouble believing that Paul had truly been converted? (Acts 9:13, 14; 21; 26). If so, why?
5. Why do you think Saul temporarily lost his vision? (Acts 9:8; 17)
6. How did this encounter with Christ impact the rest of Paul’s life and ministry? (Reference 1 Tim. 1:15; Philippians 3:4-10)
7. For fun if want: review the two other times Paul re-tells his conversion story in Acts 22:3-16 and 26:4-18 – compare and contrast with Ch. 9

Outward Focus
1. Who do you wish would have an encounter with the Risen Jesus like Paul did? Who do you know that you hope will experience a dramatic conversion or life change like Paul? (Friends, family members, coworkers, etc.)
2. Silent reflection: take a few minutes and write down 5 people that you know that do not have a relationship with Christ or are not connected with any community of faith. You don’t have to share the list, just for you to have.
3. Commit to praying for those 5 people and seek opportunities to connect with them.

Personal Reflection
1. What do you think needs to change in your life? I understand most of us may not have a dramatic change like Paul did. Our changes may be slow and require time. (anger outbursts; lust; controlling your tongue; apathy; gluttony; etc. you get the idea)
2. Silent reflection: write down growth areas in your own life that you hope you will mature in over the next year.
3. Pray about the people you wrote down and the areas of change in your own life.

Pray as a group