Acts: Laying a Foundation (Jody Garner)

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Sermon Notes

Acts Ch. 6 &7
Without a _________________foundation, we are liable to go in all sorts of distorted directions.

Ideally, laying the foundation begins with our __________________.
Highlights from Stephen’s sermon:

From where did Stephen’s ____________________ _________________?

Notes on your own foundation and appreciation for long-serving foundation layers:

2 observations on Acts 7:54-60:
One Grand Point

Connect Group Discussion Guide – 11/3/19
Sermon: Laying a Foundation (from Acts Ch. 6 & 7)

1. What did you dress up as for Halloween?
2. Acts 7 – Stephen preaches a lengthy summary of some of the major Old Testament stories. Scan over Ch. 7 if you wish – what stands out to you from this chapter? Do you think there is a good chance that Stephen had parents/other adults who helped educate him on the Hebrew Scriptures growing up? If so, how do important do you think that foundation was for the preaching moment he had before he was killed?

Your Own Foundation
3. Read 1 Cor. 3:5-11
4. Who helped lay a biblical foundation in your life? Dig into your memory banks. Parents? Bible class teachers? Ministers? Combination of a lot of people? Etc.
5. If you were raised attending bible classes, what memories do you have? Any teachers that were unforgettable and why? Any lessons that you remember?
6. Do you still have a relationship with those who were influential in your faith growing up?
7. Here’s a thought: You may not be able to remember the exact menu of every meal you’ve eaten, but they’ve all nourished you. The same is true for the bible classes and bible lessons we hear. You may not remember every single one, but they all nourish your soul like food does for your body.
8. Is there someone from your past who contributed to your biblical foundation that really stands out in your mind? Would you be willing to write them a letter this week letting them know how much of an impact they had on you?

Bible Knowledge that Leads to Committed Discipleship

9. Read John 5:39, 40
10. I assume we all agree that biblical knowledge is important, right? So, what is Jesus’ point here in John 5?
11. How does (or can) bible knowledge lead us into a life of being fully committed to following Christ? How has it helped your own discipleship?
12. How does a continual pursuit of biblical knowledge keep us grounded in the truth as we grow closer to Christ? How is God working on you through your current bible study?
13. End in prayer together