Acts: Eat, Pray, Tell Someone (Jody Garner)

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Sermon Notes

Vision Focus for Acts Study = Christ in _________________ (with a blend of the other 2 as well)
Acts 1

V. 1 – Action Question # 1 – Who is…

V. 4 – Action Question # 2 – Who is…

V. 8 – __________ verse, serves as an _________________ for Acts.
• Idea of power = ____________ ______________

• Witnesses = one who bore ________________ to what he/she __________________

• Geographical = Think ____________, start with _________________

V. 14 – What do you do while you wait? ____________ together, ______________ together

Actions Question # 3 – Who is…

Connect Group Handout – 9-15-19

Welcome Back
1. Welcome back questions: How was your summer? What did you do? Did you miss each other?
2. What do you hope to experience during your Connect Group time this year?
3. From now until December, the sermons will be on the first ten(ish) chapters of the Book of Acts. A large part of Acts involves our vision focus of “Christ in Others.” This is about bringing Christ to Others (i.e. evangelism/disciple-making; outreach; service; etc.).
4. Is there anything as you group you might want to do together over the next few months that is “other-focused?” Maybe you can brainstorm a few service opportunities that your group can go and volunteer at together. Or perhaps something creative, or someone or some family as a group you could serve, etc.

5. Read Acts 1:1-14
6. What stands out to you? What confuses you?
7. Compare to Luke 24:36-53
8. Since Luke wrote both Luke and Acts, what are similarities you notice? What are differences?

9. As we read Acts, we want to move into action in our own lives.
10. Action Question # 1 – Just like Luke felt compelled to tell part 2 of the story to Theophilus, who is someone that you can tell this week? What would you tell them? (Your faith journey, what you’ve been studying lately, what your church is studying, etc.)
11. Action Question # 2 – Just like Jesus (even though in a resurrected body) still ate and shared table fellowship with His disciples, who is someone that you need to eat with this week? (Maybe someone is on your heart that you need to take to lunch or have over for dinner). (Maybe while sharing table fellowship with them you take that opportunity to “tell” them something about Jesus).
12. Actions Question # 3 – Just like the Apostles and the other 100 plus who met in the upper room, who do you need to pray with this week?

Wrapping it Up
13. From 9/18/19 – Chris Shelby from Missions Resource Network was with us last week. Is there anything from his sermon or his class that resonated with you that you want to point out or discuss?
14. End your time in prayer