Acts: Decision Making and Spiritual Maturity (Jody Garner)

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Decision Making and Spiritual Maturity
Sermon Notes

A lot of people have ____________________phobia…

Decision making is an indispensable part of _____________________ ____________________ and ___________________ __________________

Acts 1:15-26
Decision # 1 – Who is the __________________?

Decision # 2 – They need to _______________ ____________________.

Decision # 3 – How to _____________ a __________________.

Connect Group Handout – 9/22/19 – Decision Making and Spiritual Maturity

The Decision Maker in You
How many decisions have you made today? (Think back over your day, what big and small decisions did you make? i.e. what time to wake up, what to wear, what to eat, where to go out to eat, how to spend your day, etc.)
How do you go about making daily decisions? (Routine? Habits? Subconscious?)
Are you an indecisive person? Do you have “decidophobia”?
If so, what are you indecisive about?

Decision Making in the Bible
Read Acts 1:15-26 – How did they go about making their decision to replace Judas?
What else from this section stands out to you, what questions do you have, what do you feel needs to be discussed?
Read Acts 15:28 – does this seem like they know 100% what to do in this situation? Or does it seem more like they feel pretty certain this is the right decision?
Other notable passages relating to decision making: Acts 13:1-3; 16:7; Romans 8:26; James 1:5; Philippians 4:6-7

The Decision Maker in You
What are some major decisions you’ve had to make in your life? (Examples: Where to go to college? What career to choose? Where to live? Where to send your kids to school? Whether or not to take a new job or stay put? Etc.)
How have you gone about making major decisions in life? (maybe someone is in the middle of needing to make a major decision right now and wants/needs to share).
Seek advice? Go with your gut? Pray and fast? Flip a coin? Etc.
What scares you about making major decisions?
What pain have you experienced in making major decisions?
Is it easy or hard for you to know the right decision?
Have you ever felt like you made wrong decisions that you are still dealing with today? Do you live with regret?

Theology and Decision Making
Have you ever felt that God was revealing to you precisely what to do in a big life decision?
Whether yes or no, How does God give us guidance in making decisions?
Do you think God has an exact will for your life, or do you think it is possible that you have multiple directions you could go that can glorify God?

Helping Others
How do you help others make decisions? Do you pray with them? Pray for them? Quote Scripture that are applicable to their situation?
Spend time praying together as a group